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Holly Moss, Stage Fit Dance Trainer


Owner, Trainer
  • Bachelors in Musical Theatre from Baldwin Wallace University

  • Professional Credits Nationally & in NYC/Instructor at Moss Performing Arts

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified mUvmethod Flexibility

  • Certified Progressing Ballet Technique, PBT

"My passion has always been a mixture of athletics and the arts. In college, I saw so many students being told they had to look a certain way, getting injured trying to keep up in higher level dance classes, or just remaining stagnant due to lack of accurate fitness information. My goal for my clients is not aesthetic. It's about moving safely, moving efficiently, and tapping into your strength and power to see the improvement in technique you've been dreaming of. Good news? You might just see some muscles along with it."


Director of Research & Development, Trainer
  • Student Physical Therapist at UC

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

  • Certified Special Populations Specialist, NSCA

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, NSCA

"I want to give performing artists access to the same education and training resources given to other athletes. My passion for applying my knowledge to the arts came from the first time I trained a ballerina. Her athletic ability and capacity for movement was astounding and I knew I had to help students in this craft perform to the best of their abilities!"
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Dan Scheid, Stage Fit Dance Trainer
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