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Single sessions are a great option for students who wish to come in and train when their schedule permits. While the best results come from a commitment to training, single sessions can be a great way to check in on your strength and get a challenging workout. Students participating session by session can also purchase at home programming for $50 per month. This option allows you to be given specific programming to do on your own time at home or your local gym, and come in at your leisure to check on your progress! 


15% discount for students who train together


Packages are perfect for students who want to commit to change and improvement. Each package comes with a Stage FITness Evaluation, where our staff will find your specific weaknesses and imbalances. From this evaluation we will create a progressive trainer lead program, and give you 1-2 sessions a week of at home programming. PLUS get a FREE equipment set for your at home workouts! Finished a package? Get a new one for more programming to keep you progressing!


$140/1 per week
$240/2 per week
$300/3 per week

15% discount for students who train together

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Perfect for: students who don’t train consistently but want specific help prior to a performance. 

Is there a number for your upcoming competition or show that is giving you a hard time? Maybe you can’t nail that turn sequence, or can’t hold out that big note after dancing. All too often we see beautiful numbers fall apart due to lack of muscular and cardiorespiratory endurance. This package can help! Using in depth biometric analysis we will figure out exactly how hard your body is working through the course of your number, and match those analytics to a training program. Students who choose this package will also get FREE at home programming and equipment set. With a Performance Ready training package, you’ll be getting through that number with ease! 


Perfect for: injured students

This program is designed for injured students who are currently working with a Physical Therapist or other licensed health practitioner due to an injury. We will work with their doctor to guide them through their at home physical therapy program as well as supplement it with exercises to make their healing process as smooth as possible. 

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Perfect for: students recently recovered from an injury

Injuries are no fun, and going back to your craft after being out for weeks is even worse! Strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance can fall behind and make jumping back into your normal class load difficult and potentially dangerous. With Rebound, we will get you back to baseline fitness and make your transition back to class easy and safe. Students who choose this program will also get FREE at home programming and equipment set.